Megavision 2020

Megavision 2020

(for free!)

Imagine - the potential audience is unlimited. (take a few minutes with this concept, itís a doozy!)

Imagine - Your advertising dollar going farther - literally! You can reach people right next door or around the world for one monthly fee that costs much less than one running of another kind of advertisement.

Imagine - You are reaching a market that buys. You are reaching a market that is always looking for the newest, best and most competitive consumer products and services.

Imagine - You can give critical and up to date information to your customers about your products and services at a place where your customer feels comfortable - at their own desk. You donít need to worry about when you can reach them, they can see your information any time it is convenient to them.

Imagine - You can incorporate not only the written word, but pictures and sounds. You can even take your customer on an interactive journey.

Imagine - What would people think?

  • That your business is progressive, a leading edge competitor in the field.
  • That you are capable of using every technology at your disposal to get the work done.
  • That you are part of the new generation of business professionals who donít feel limited by geographical boundaries.

Act now! - Community Internet Systems will host your Internet home pages for free!
If this sounds good to you, and good for your business, contact Megavision via E-mail at: or phone (402) 562-5904 or Just Click Here!

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