The Disbandment of the WASP




The WASP Are Deactivated



On December 20,1944, a great conflict struck. The Women's Airforce Service Pilots were deactivated. The Army had no need of them, because the war was almost over. Their hard work was done, yet they were never recognized for their achievements. These women retreated into civilization, known to few for what they accomplished, but true heroines to everyone.

After thirty-three years of not being recognized as veterans, WASP were finally recognized, and received veterans benefits. President Carter granted veteran status on November 23, 1977. Sadly, many of the WASP had died. Thirty-eight, courageous WASP were killed in service for their country. They were never recognized by their country for all they had done. These women compromised their lives and opened a door for future women.

General Hap Arnold's Speech

Texas Women's Collection

Sarah Byrn Rickman, WASP author, described a conflict the WASP had as:

"Conflict: Jobs"

"The WASP were welcomed when they were needed to replace men who were needed elsewhere and relieve them for assignment overseas, However, when the war turned our way and men who had completed their missions returned to the U.S., they wanted the WASP’s jobs in order to keep flying.

When the war turned our way, General Hap Arnold cancelled further cadet flight training and released the young men in line for those slots to the infantry. Their mothers rose up in arms.

Likewise, when Gen Arnold cancelled flight training, he put draft-exempt flight instructors out of work and squarely in the clutches of the draft board. Those men REALLY raised a stink."

~Sarah Byrn Rickman, 3/19/08