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Platte County Museum

Platte County Museum

Research is what we do. Members are available to assist you or to take on the total task and do the work for you.
The minimum fee for research is $10.00 for the first hour and $3.00 for each additional hour, plus the photocopying costs and postage. We charge $10.00 to open the library on special request for independent researches and $1.00 for each copy you make during your visit.

If you are requesting obituaries by mail, please include a check to cover the cost of the copies. Each obituary copied is $5.00 for the first 10 and $2.50 for each additional obituary up to 25 obituaries per request. If requesting by e-mail, please put PVKS Genealogy in the subject line. Pictures of headstones can also be taken and can be e-mailed to you for a cost of $2.50 or they can be printed on a medium weight paper and mailed for the cost of $5.00.

We have a great deal of information here at our library, but our members are willing to go to the courthouse and to local cemeteries to fulfill your request. To save time and money please tell us what information you already have. Don't forget the first $10.00 in your request for research and we will contact you and let you know of further charges for copies, postage or additional research time.