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S.A.F.E. Facts


Need an activity for Fire Prevention Week? Want to include the wristbands along with an activity already planned?

Simply fill out the form below to order the amount of wristbands you would like sent to you.

  • Project S.A.F.E. was founded in January 2002.
  • "Practice Your Fire Escape Plan Day"' is an annual event.
  • More than 100 fire stations and businesses participate in "Practice Your Fire Escape Plan Day".
  • Over 80,000 wristbands have been distributed for "Practice Your Fire Escape Plan Day".
  • Project S.A.F.E. helps save thousands of lives.
picture of Emily cutting of the wristbands for practice your fire escape plan day.

Over 80,000 wristbands have been distributed across Nebraska on "Practice Your Fire Escape Plan Day". Volunteer firefighters on this day attach bright yellow wristbands on the elementary students that say “Practice Your Fire Escape Plan”. The wristbands serve as a reminder for the students to practice their fire escape plan with their families.

This activity is not a fundraiser. The only expense is the cost of the wristbands which are 5 cents each and postage. An inexpensive way to save hundreds of lives!

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