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About Us

S.A.F.E. Facts

After hearing about a deadly house fire on the radio, Project S.A.F.E. (Save A Friend Everyday) was founded in January 2002.

Emily Wemhoff heard on the radio of a house fire where a man was severely burned and his mother died. They didn't have working smoke alarms in the house. Emily went to check the smoke alarms in her home and found out that they were not working either.

  • Project S.A.F.E. was founded in January 2002.
  • "Practice Your Fire Escape Plan Day"' is an annual event.
  • More than 100 fire stations and businesses participate in "Practice Your Fire Escape Plan Day".
  • Over 80,000 wristbands have been distributed for "Practice Your Fire Escape Plan Day".
  • Project S.A.F.E. helps save thousands of lives.
She then opened the telephone book and began dialing every listed telephone number in her small town of Creston, Nebraska. After 217 phone calls, her results showed 25 homes without a smoke alarm. She then made care packages that contained a smoke alarm, batteries and
fire safety tips for those homes.
picture of Emily delivering care packages to 25 homes in Creston, Nebraska that did not have a working smoke alarm.
In October 2005, Emily organized the first "Practice Your Fire Escape Plan Day Across Nebraska". Volunteer firefighters on this day visit grade schools across the state to attach bright yellow wristbands on the students that say “Practice Your Fire Escape Plan”. They serve as a reminder for the students for when they go home to practice their
fire escape plan with their families.
picture of a billboard that Project S.A.F.E. rented for practice your fire escape plan day