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Busselman Blacksmith Shop (1890)








John Busselman was born May 31, 1862 at Oldenburg Germany.  He then moved over to America and worked in Brooklyn, NY before moving to Columbus Nebraska to work at a blacksmith shop.  Later he moved from Platte Center to Humphrey then to Lindsay and opened up his own blacksmith shop.  The shop was a real success in Lindsay and was there for all in the town.  The shop has now been changed from a Blacksmith's shop to a Car Repair Shop.  It is still family owned and prospers today.


Lindsay Car Wash (1972)

The Lindsay Car Wash was a very prosperous business.  It was used consistently by town citizens and passing travelers.   It eventually was closed in the 1980's.  After closing in the 1980's Gene Zimmer bought the building.  The building bought by Gene Zimmer was used for an E-Z construction storage building.  He sold  grain bins as well as augers, dryers, fans, and aeration. 


The start of Lindsay Manufacturing Company. Paul Zimmerer started here in Lindsay in 1955.   Lindsay Manufacturing supplies the world with automatic irrigation equipment.  It is spread out over forty-two acres and had 384,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and offices under  roof.  Now the Company has grown in size and value.

This is the second Holy Family Church. Soon after the first church was built, the parishioners decided the church was too small.  They decided to build a new church, that would cost approximately $12,000.  The old church was remodeled into a school.  The first mass was offered on March 24, 1901.

City Hall was built in 1917 and remodeled in 1980.  A fire station was added as well.  The cost was approximately $250,000 to remodel.

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