Natural Disasters


Tornado, 2012


The Flood of 1990

On June 17th, 1990 there was a disastrous flood in Lindsay.  Shell Creek flooded forcing many cars from Lindsay Manufacturing over the bridge.  The flood of 1990 was the most damaging flood ever recorded in the history of Lindsay.  These pictures were provided by Dan and Kathy Gilsdorf and the Humphrey Democrat.


Flood of 1984

The flood of 1984 happened on Sunday, June 17th.  The water was 4 feet deep over the highway.  Funnel clouds were seen from Lindsay to Madison causing the sirens to blow.  Winds were measured up to 60 miles per hour.  Residents living along the banks were evacuated. Pictures courtesy of the Humphrey Democrat.




The snow was so deep on the highway that some snowplows got stuck



This area had between 11 and 19 inches of snow with 60 mph winds

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