P. O. Box 279

GENOA, NE 68640

Phone (402) 993-2943



Monday 8-11am, 3-5pm, 6-8pm
Tues. & Thurs. Closed
Wednesday 8-11am, 6-8pm
Friday 8-11am, 3-5pm
Saturday 9am-Noon
Sunday Closed

About the Library

  • Books:
    Over 7000 titles are available for adults and children. Fiction, nonfiction, paperbacks, and childrens selections are available.
  • Reference:
    Encyclopedias and reference books are available on many subjects. Art, Business, Crafts, Food, Health, etc, are covered in a variety of sources.
  • Magazines and Newspapers:
    Magazines and local newspapers are available. Magazines may be checked out of the library.
  • Videocassettes:
    The library provides a wide range of both educational and entertainment videocassettes for adults and children.
  • Special Media
    Large Print Books; Books on Tape
  • Interlibrary Loan:
    If the library does not have the material you need, it may be ordered from another library. Contact the librarian for details and fees.
  • Computer Resources:
    Public Internet Access. Word processing and other software applications available. Personal disks may not be used. Disks may be purchased at library.
  • Information Service:
    When you have a question or need information, ask the staff for help.
  • Children's Programs:
    Storytime and Summer Reading Program.
  • Photocopier:
    A photocopier is available. Ask librarian for assistance. Ten cents for one side, fifteen cents for both sides.
  • Genoa Public Library Card:
    A valid library card is required. Cards are available at no charge. Parents must fill out application for children.
  • Loan Periods:
    Books - Up to four books for two weeks.
    Magazines - Up to four magazines for one week.
    Videocassettes - Two videocassettes for two days. Must be checked out by adult 18 or older.
  • Renewal:
    Materials may be renewed in person or by telephone, (402) 993-2943.
  • Overdue Materials:
    Fines are five cents a day for books and magazines; fine for overdue videocassettes is $1.00 a day.
  • Sales:
    There are ongoing sales of donated and/or discarded items.
  • Wish List:
    Best Sellers, Audio Books, Read Along for Children, Accelerated Reading Books, Children's Award Books, Magazine Subscriptions.

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