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Stiles The brick Stile was located on the south side of the campus. Fours columns support a sign that says 'U.S. Indian School'. This Stile led the students over the fence and across the railroad tracks to get to their athletic fields. A portion of the fence and the Stiles still remains.
A Monument has been placed in memory of those students who passed away while attending the Indian School and to those students that attended the Indian School. The inscription reads: "In Memory of the Native Americans who attended the Genoa U.S. Indian School 1884 - 1934. Especially those who died and may have been buried near here." Memorial Stone
Manual Training Building The Manual Training Building has been recently restored and is now a museum. Harness making, carpentry, tailoring, shoe repair and the band were in this building. Here you will see exhibits on life at the Indian School. Murals in the upstairs west room were hand painted by the Indian boys. The murals were their textbook. The Indian boys made harnesses for the government. A printing press used to print their newspaper, 'The Indian News' is also in the museum. Beside the Manual Training Building is a flag pole that once was located on the campus, and has been relocated to the west end of the Manual Training building.
In 1990 and 1995, the remains of almost 1,000 Pawnee Indians and their relatives were re-interred in Genoa after having been held in museums and other locations. These remains included six Pawnee Scouts. The stone marker is located at the east end of the Valley View cemetery south of Genoa on the former campsite of the Pawnee. Cemetery Stone
Smokestack The brick Smokestack stands alone now, where once there was an attached power house that produced steam heat that heated the buildings through underground tunnels. Electricity was produced in this buidling as well.
There are three Dairy barns and a Horse Barn that remain and are privately owned. The Horse barn is directly north of the Manual Training Building. The smaller brick building north of the Manual Training building is the Blacksmith shop.The Dairy barn with two brick silos can be visited with a tour guide as it is privately owned. 3 Dairy Barns
Dairy Barn Horse Barn
Ruts Mormon Trail wagon ruts are visible on the Beaver Fork of the Loup River south of Genoa. A marker indicates the location of the ruts.


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