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Commercial Gold $495.00/mo2

  • E-mail and local network services including cache up to 6 Mbps1
  • Bidirectional upload and download backbone access bursting to 5 Mbps (5,000 Kbps) with sustained 4 Mbps (4,000 Kbps)1
  • Priority 1 Access
  • Business Class circuit design for enhanced throughput
  • E-mail and local network services including cache up to 4 Mbps1
  • Free domain registration
  • Free domain hosting
  • 25 standard e-mail accounts @megavision.com or @yourdomain.com
  • Front Page® web editing access
  • Business listing
  • 1 FTP drop box
  • 1 oversized email account (greater than 4 meg per email capacity)
  • Ability to send Outlook based email  from remote locations
  • Portal access
  • Always on “Unlimited” time
  • No extra phone line needed
  • Talk on the phone and be on line at the same time
  • Up to 25 full Gigabytes of monthly backbone data transfer9
  • Multiple access routing unit7
  • E-DSL modem7
  • Two regular Megavision dial-up accounts
  • No activation fee  
  • Bandwidth / number of PCs may be customized to fit your needs
Subscriber’s System Requirements for all E-DSL plans4: Properly Conditioned Ordinary Telephone Line5; PC with minimum 166mhz processor running Windows 95, 98, NT w/SP5, 2000, ME, or qualifying MAC OS, 150 megabytes of HD space, and 32 megabytes of RAM; and, available through Internet Additions Corporation, Working E-DSL modem; USB port or Ethernet Card with RJ45 port; and applicable line filters

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Community Internet Systems, Inc. P.O. Box 81, Columbus, NE 68601
Office (402) 562-5904 FAX (402) 564-9441
or E-mail info@megavision.com

1. On local network under optimal conditions. Backbone access may very due to network conditions, server location, and plan terms.  Service subject to terms of written subscriber contract.  
2. Sales Tax, Federal & State Taxes, and Nebraska Universal Service Fund not included.  $19.95/mo E-DSL via commercial line sharing of HFPL & Balance Information Services.
3. Multiple computers require a multiple access routing unit (included in Silver & Gold Plan). No Internet connectivity reselling. Connection of publicly accessible servers, including web, gaming, ftp, mail, etc. is an option not included in this package.
4. To be provided by subscriber at subscriber’s cost unless expressly included in package.
5. Availability may be limited in some areas by existing Telephone infrastructure
6. One megabyte of storage updates by specialized web interface
7. Remains property of CIS subject to subscribers reasonable and permitted use during contract
8. Valid with one year subscription.  Service subject to terms of written subscriber contract. 
9. Economic development waivers available.
10 Courtesy dial-up account 10hr per month 
11 Special promotion available only to bonafide businesses.