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An important part of your personal health routine should be your annual preventive, or "well", exam.  Annual preventive visits are a good time to talk with your doctor about concerns such as weight, diet, smoking cessation, or exercise in addition to routine pelvic and breast exams, prostate exams, cholesterol screening, blood pressure checks, and osteoporosis screening.

REMEMBER - Both the St. Edward and Cedar Rapids Clinics participate in the "Every Woman Matters" program which provides free PAPs and mammograms to women over 40 who qualify under their income guidelines.  "Every Woman Matters" will now also pay for cholesterol and diabetes screening.  Stop in to see if you quality for this program!  Medicare will now pay for mammograms yearly, and for pap smears every two years.

ATTENTION MEN - Beginning January 1, 2000, Medicare will pay for a yearly prostate exam and PSA lab test!

Flu season can run from October through March.  By taking some precautions now, you may be able to avoid a nasty illness later.

Begin preparing for the cold and flu season by getting your flu and/or pneumonia shot.  Flu and pneumonia vaccines are available at both the St. Edward and Cedar Rapids Clinics.  No appointment is needed to receive your flu shot so check our clinic hours and stop in anytime.  Flu shots are recommended yearly.  If you have never had a pneumonia shot, or if you are over 65, please ask our staff about receiving one when you get your flu vaccine.  Medicare covers the full cost of both the flu and pneumonia shots.

Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and eat a well-balanced diet.  Look for ways to de-stress your life.  Dress appropriately and be prepared for cold, wet weather.  Remember to schedule your well exams.  It's time!

As always, if you have questions or concerns about your health, contact one of our clinics and let our staff of nurses or doctors address those concerns



The "Kids Connection" program, funded by the Nebraska Health and Human Services, provides medical coverage for qualifying children from birth through 19 years of age.  If you qualify, your child would receive medical coverage for well exams, immunizations as well as those bugs and accidents that happen to us all.  Coverage is for 6 continuous months.

Application forms are available in our office or by contacting your county Health and Human Services office.  You may also talk with Vickie Fritzges or Judy Brauner in our St. Edward Clinic regarding Medicaid presumptive eligibility for your minor child.


An important part of your child's health care is receiving and updating their immunizations.  Both St. Edward and Cedar Rapids Medical Clinics participate in the Vaccines for Children program which is a federally funded program to provide vaccines to children up to age 19.  To qualify for the Vaccines for Children program, your child must be a participant in the Kid's Connection or Medicaid program, or have no insurance coverage.

Both clinics are also participants in a state-funded program which provides vaccines to children up to age 6 who have health insurance which does not cover immunizations or who have a very high deductible.

The Vaccines for Childen program will also cover flu shots for your child under certain conditions.

Please stop in at one of our clinics for more information on the Vaccines for Children program or to discuss your child's immunization status.


Beginning in the fall of 2001, all students will be required to have 2 doses of MMR.  This requirement starts in September of 2001 and applies to students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Also, all students enrolling in Kindergarten, First Grade or Seventh Grade must have the three-shot Hepatitis B series.

Contact our Clinics if you have questions regarding your child's immunization status.



As of January, 2001, the St. Edward Medical Clinic schedule will be:

MONDAY A.M. Dr. Terry Troyer
    Dr. Joyce Troyer
  P.M. Dr. Terry Troyer
TUESDAY A.M. Dr. Joyce Troyer
  P.M. Dr. Terry Troyer
WEDNESDAY A.M. Dr. Joyce Troyer
  P.M. Dr. Terry Troyer
THURSDAY A.M. Dr. Terry Troyer
  P.M. Closed
FRIDAY A.M. Dr. Joyce Troyer
  P.M. Dr. Terry Troyer
1st & 3rd SATURDAYS Dr. Terry Troyer
2nd & 4th SATURDAYS Dr. Joyce Troyer


As of January 1, 2001, the Troyers have incorporated both medical clinics under the name of Country Clinics, P.C.  We will, however, continue doing business as St. Edward Medical Clinics and Cedar Rapids Medical Clinics.


St. Edward Medical Clinic

1102 Water St., P. O. Box F

St. Edward, NE 68660


Mon Tue Wed Fri 8-5 Thu 8-12 Sat 9-12 (Closed 5th Sat)

103 S. 3rd St., P. O. Box 313

Cedar Rapids, NE 68627


Tue 9-5 Thu 9-5 Fri 9-12


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