Community Internet Systems is pleased to announce a great new service.  

Want to send the Grandparents the latest photo of the grandkids?

    Want to submit an item with a graphic/picture to an online auction?

        Want to send someone special a graphic/picture without the whole world viewing?    

With this exciting service, you can put your graphic/picture online in 3 clicks to its own unique web address (URL).  In response to the many subscribers who have requested an easy method of putting pictures and graphics out as a web page, we have developed a browser based point-and-click interface to make it happen.  Once you have established your Megavision graphic account, it as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Type in your userid and password 

  login example Click the picture for an example


2. Browse your hard-drive or floppy for the graphic/picture you want to upload  

browse example Click the picture for an example


3. Select "Submit" ... and your graphic/picture is displayed along with a unique web address.

  success example Click the picture for an example

In order to use this service, you need to have a current version of Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer for your browser, and your picture or graphic needs to be in a digital format.  The "graphic's upload account" is available to you for only $10.00 per month.  You account will automatically be billed.  If you need your photo or graphic scanned to a digital format, Community Internet Systems can offer this service for $5.00 per scan.  If you want to subscribe to this service please click here to be transported to our online order form, or call Linda at 562-5904 for more information.

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