Home of Nebraska's Largest Indoor 360 & 3-D Tournament 


Teresa, Jill and Halle. Mr. Anderson (in the background) 
Blowing up ballons. Halle, Anthony and Jill.


Mike, Anthony and Alexander
Tyler "from Schuyler"


Anthony and Dana checking their shot placement
Amber (farthest back), Adam (second from back), Anthony (hird from back) and Drew (closest). Club member and Instructor, Bryan Hast (to the left)

Amber (foreground), Adam (second) and Joey (farthest back)

Targets and balloon debris

Halle and her brother, Dana.

Austin and Patrick

from back, left to right
Bryan Hast, Joey, Anthony, Adam, Paul and Halle

Joey, eating pizza, and Tyler

Everyone taking a timeout to eat pizza. In back, Jill, Anthony, Halle, Paul, Dana and Drew.


Jacob with his new bow!! He won it at a raffle giveaway. The bow was donated by Curtis Schnieder ower of Archer's Rest of York, Nebraska. Thanks Curtis!! Jacob is excited about his new bow.

back row -Pat Miller (instructor), Adam, Alex, Mike, Alex, Eric, Alex, Andrew, Amber, Tyler (half hidden) and Bryan Hast (instructor)
third row - Dana, Drew, Jacob, Mike, Austin, Megan, Patrick, Joey
second row Tom, Mike, Olivia, Paul, Anthony, Dylan, Jenna
front row left to right- Bruce, Halle, Alexander, Teresa, Joe, Bryan, Matt, Jill

See what I'm eating!!
Nice, Mike.

Taking a break with pizza and pop.

Jenna, Joe and Bruce



Left to right
Matt, Jacob, Alex and Olivia

Dylan (foreground) and Bruce (background)

Left to right
Alex, Eric, Tom, Matt, Dylan and Mike

Shooting Time!!!!
Even Bryan Hast got into it!