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Criminal Warrants

The persons listed in these sections are wanted on outstanding Platte County Sheriff's arrest warrants.

If you have information regarding any wanted person, please contact the Platte County Sheriff's Office Fugitive Warrant Division, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, at 402-564-3229 or 911 after the Warrant Division hours.

If you are wanted on an outstanding warrant and wish to turn yourself in, please contact the Platte County Sheriff at 402-564-3229.

Information may also be forwarded by email to

This list is for informational purposes only. Citizens should not attempt to physically apprehend any individual.

Contact law enforcement with information including:

  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • vehicle description including license number if possible

The warrants must be confirmed for validity by authorized law enforcement personnel and should not be acted upon based only on the website listing.

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Tackett,Jerry Dean 5-10-84 W/M CR14-526 Assault 
Tavares,Johnny 2-18-83 W/M CR17-797 FTA-No ops
Tavita-Dominguez,Esther 8-15-93 W/F CR17-592 FTA/No ops
Terry,Anthony Earl 12-7-68 W/M CR17-386 Issue bad check
Tessier,Danielle 8-22-76 W/F CR17-796 FTA/Theft
Thomas, Sara Leanne 11-18-89 W/F CR13-439 FTA Poss Marijuana
Torres,Carlos E 8-13-93 W/M CR17-358 Forgery 2nd degree
Torres,Francisco 10-16-69 W/M C414-1122 Issue bad check
Ueding,Nathan Gene 1-16-92 W/M CR15-102 FTA/Operater MV to avoid arrest
Urbina,Wordmanb J 1-16-95 B/M CR15-337 FTA/MIP
Valdez,David 2-17-92 W/M CR09-94 FTA/aid/abet poss alcohol
Valencia-Cruz,Mario A 2-18-65 W/M CR16-971 FTA/DUI
Valentine,Timothy 1-3-82 B/M CI13543A FTA/Child support
Vasquez,Angel 9-7-96 W/M CR13-589 FTA while on bail
Vasquez,Tomas 12-21-82 W/M CR13-1249 FTA while on bail

Vasquez, Victor




FTA/ sexual assault of child

Velasquez,Jesus A 2-9-87 W/M CR14-1184 Issue bad check
Velasquez,Jesus A 2-9-87 W/M CR12-1753 FTA/Issue bad check
Velazquez-Velazquez,Ricardo 8-30-90 W/M CR13-1121 FTA/Domestic assault
Venegas-Trujillo,Juan A 8-31-96 W/M CR17-1038 FTA/False Reporting
Ventura,Hector 9-20-67 W/M CR12-1177 Child Support
Ventura,Hector 9-20-67 W/M CR12-1178 Child Support
Vicente,Edvin l 4-6-93 W/M CR16-805 NPF DUI

Villa, Gabriel P




FTA/ terroristic threats, 3rd deg assault, poss marijuana

Villalobos,Juan A 1-23-88 W/M CI11290 Child Support
Ward,Louie Jr 8-31-61 W/M CR14-978 FTA/Non resident 30 day
Washburn,Goldie K 1-20-79 W/F CI97-206 Child Support
Washburn,Goldie K 1-20-79 W/F CI10-938 FTA/Debtors Exam

Washington, Henry




FTA/ 3rd degree assault

Watson,Treavor A 3-28-93 W/M CR16-63 FTA/False Reporting
Wells,Lance Daniel 3-20-90 W/M CR13-1496 FTA/DUI
White,Lori Lynn 3-2-76 W/F CR15-837 FTA/DUS
WhiteEagle,Jesse James 2-12-91 I/M CR13-1031 FTA/DUI
Whiting,Taylor Jay 12-6-90 W/M CR14-1455 FTA/Possess K2/marijuana
Whorton, Randy Dean 7-16-63 W/M CR1184 FTA/DUI 1st Refusal 1st
Wiles,Kimberly L 1-2-84 W/F CR14-691 FTA/Issue bad check
Williams,Thomas Lee 2-16-79 W/M CR11-21 Issue Bad Check
Wilson,Andrew 5-21-79 W/M CR16-39 FTA/court order
Wilson,London J 6-3-88 B/M CR10-166 FTA Non pay del control sub
Woodhall,Christopher 5-1-72 W/M CR12-75 Non pay fines DUI
Woodhall,Christopher 5-1-72 W/M CR11-1326 Non pay fines speeding
Worden,Shirley Ann 11-19-76 W/F CR17-272 Bad Checks
Wright,Aaron David 1-13-64 I/M CI979000336 FTA/Child Support
Wright,Aaron David 1-13-64 I/M CI969000171 FTA/Child Support
Yanes-Uriart,Jose 3-18-77 W/M cr17-137 2 Cts 1st deg sexual assault
Young,Anthony Michael 5-17-88 W/M CR11-526 Issue Bad Check
Young, Christopher 8-9-89 W/M CR17-780 FTA/No ops

Zavala-Garcia, Luis E




Fail to report to jail for DUI

Zeyala-Iglesias, Henry




FTA/ non pay on unlawful discharge of firearm

Zlomke,Sharon Marie 8-20-67 W/F CR14-16 FTA/2 cts del haz drug

Zuniga-Hernandez, Felipe




FTA for non pay on sex assault

Zurcher,Jeremy Eric 4-29-89 W/M CR13835 FTA/Noops and speeding
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