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Criminal Warrants

The persons listed in these sections are wanted on outstanding Platte County Sheriff's arrest warrants.

If you have information regarding any wanted person, please contact the Platte County Sheriff's Office Fugitive Warrant Division, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, at 402-564-3229 or 911 after the Warrant Division hours.

If you are wanted on an outstanding warrant and wish to turn yourself in, please contact the Platte County Sheriff at 402-564-3229.

Information may also be forwarded by email to

This list is for informational purposes only. Citizens should not attempt to physically apprehend any individual.

Contact law enforcement with information including:

  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • vehicle description including license number if possible

The warrants must be confirmed for validity by authorized law enforcement personnel and should not be acted upon based only on the website listing.

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Quaid,Bernard Edward Jr 4-5-58 W/M CR10-175 FTA non pay criminal nonsupport

Quintana, James J




Child support

Raines,Dustin 9-12-85 W/M CR11-673 FTA/No license
Ramirez,Aaron 8-8-64 W/M CR09-44 FTA/Non pay DUI
Ramirez,Olga Precious 12-21-76 W/F CR11-112 Probation Detainer attpt theft
Ramirez,Pablo 5-18-85 W/M CI0944 Child Support
Ramirez,Ramiro 4-10-82 W/M CI10-156A FTA/Child support contempt
Ramirez-Reyes,Heidi 9-21-02 W/F JV16-143 Prob Violation

Ramos-Nuno, Andres




1st degree sexual assault & incest

Ramos-Nuno, Andres




1st degree sexual assault & incest

Randall,Marcus 12-16-75 W/M CI04561 Non pay child support
Rangkasiri,Narapong 6-11-77 A/M CR15-1012 FTA/Disturbing the peace
Renteria Hernandez,Francisco 9-29-91 W/M cr16-1643 del/dsp/dst/man/poss haz drug
Resz,Christina 10-14-85 W/F CR11-432 FTA/Bad Check
Reyes,Jose M 1/25/83 W/M CR14-869 FTA/No ops
Rice,Elizabeth REgina 3-29-72 I/F CR15-370 FTA/DUI, NO OPS
Rios,Daniel S 7-21-83 W/M CR11-511 FTA/Poss drug paraphernalia
Rivas-Cabrera,Miguel A 2-9-86 W/M CR17-115 FTA/DUS
Roan,Jeffery T 9-24-87 W/M CR14-136 Probation violation
Roan,Jeffery T 9-24-87 W.M CR14-136 FTA REFUSAL 
Robledo,Alfredo 8-4-56 W/M CR11-520 Child Support
Robol,Steven Lee 10-2-71 W/M CR15-1181 FTA/DUS

Rocha, Jose




FTA/NPF 2nd degree assault

Rocha-Patron,Omar 3-7-80 W/M CR15-107 FTA/possess child pornography
Rodriguez,Antonio 8-18-86 W/M CR16-685 PU order/Probation Violation
Rodriguez,Humberto 5-2-75 W/M CR09-110 FTA/DUI
Rodriguez,Luis E 8-10-92 W/M CR14-1464 Sexual Assault
Rodriquez,Luis E 8-10-92 W/M CR15-285 Sexual assault minor
Rodriguez,Melissa N 12-31-88 W/F CI12-553 Child Support
Rodriguez,Nicandro Lugo 4-11-88 W/M CR11-1309 FTA/DUI 2nd
Rodriguez-Arredondo,Jairo G 12-12-86 W/M CR12-1487 FTA/DUI No ops,follow too close
Rodriguez-Arredondo,Jairo G 12-12-86 W/M CR12-1487 FTA/DUI no ops
Romero-Ramirez,Rafael R 5-6-66 W/M CR11-128 FTA/Fail to stop render aid,DUR,DUI
Romero-Reyes, Jesus 9-5-85 W/M CR13-1458 3rd Degree Assault
Roque Cruz,Victoria F 9-7-64 W/F CR12-137 DUS
Rouse,David Glenn 4-29-66 W/M cr17-810 Non Pay
Ruiz,Juan Jose 5-26-89 W/M TR10-993 Non Payment fines
Ruiz-Carrillo,Luis Enrique 4-1-84 W/M CR11-84 Non payment/Assault
Salas,Octavio 2-14-84 W/M CR11-901 FTA/No Operators license
Salinas-Mendoza,Eliud 5-9-80 W.M CI00-628 Child Support
Sallee,Troy Scott 12-23-91 W/M CR15-1063 FTA/Possess control sub
Samayoa,Rockael Rubely 7-26-74 W/M CI02-452 Child Support
Samuels,Shannon D 6-26-78 B/M CR17-276 FTA/DUS

Sanchez-Cruz, Gerardo




FTA/ non pay assault officer

Sanchez-Gutierrez,Julio 11-18-89 W/M CI15-458 Child Support Purge

Sandoval, Juan




FTA/ 2nd degree Forgery

Santiago-Lugo,Hector I 2-3-79 W/M CR11208 FTA-DUI
Saul,Caylee Mae 8-11-98 A/F CR17-520 FTA/MIP
Schlabaugh,Tony Joseph 12-6-72 W/M CR12-983 FTA/sentence
Schmoll,Jeremy Michael 12-26-84 W/M CR18-7 Theft/shoplifting
Schmoll,Jeremy Michael 12-26-84 W/M Cr17-1047 FTA/Theft 
Schmoll,Jeremy Michael 12-26-84 W/M CR17-1025 Theft/receive stolen property

Schoo, James D




FTA/ child support

Schuler, Robert A




FTA/ attempted burglary

Schwager,Christian R 3-13-93 W/M CR17-617 NPF/False Reporting
Scott,Eugene 8-25-76 W/M CR17-1096 FTA/Possess marijuana
Scott,Shelly Ann 4-21-75 W/F CR17-1055 Forgery
Seidel,Ian Mykl 5-6-93 W/M CR16-513 FTA/No vendors permit
Self,Joseph H 7-11-81 A/M CR12-789 FTA/Issue Bad Check
Self,Joseph H 7-11-81 A/M CR12-1376 FTA/Issue Bad Check
Self,Joseph H 7-11-81 A/M CR1-1567 FTA/Bad check
Seymour,Jeffrey Scott 3-7-58 W/M CI96-9000251 Child Support
Shaiko,Christina 3-26-79 WF CR16-883 Bad checks
Shaw, David Anthony 4-8-70 I/M CR14-339 NPF possession drug para
Shearhart,Robert Clayton 9-16-72 W/M CR13-57 FTA-Child Support
Shockley,Kenneth Dean 11-11-81 W/M CR15-729 FTA/No ops
Shonka,Nicholas  1-9-99 W/M CR17-1050 FTA/Mip
Sitterley,Ryan 2-17-87 W/M CR11-1386 FTA/bad check
Sitterley, Ryan 2-17-87 W/M CR12-674 FTA/Issue Bad Check
Slevin,Sandra K 6-29-47 B/F CR12-1396 FTA/No ops, driving against traff
Smith,Brandon J 9-27-85 W/M CR17-462 FTA/DUI
Sorto-Sorto,German Y 6-1-85 W/M CR15-1248 FTA/dui No ops no seatbelt
Spaude,Paul Douglas 1-17-88 W/M CR14-272 FTA/Poss K2/marijuana
Springer,Aden 8-20-87 W/M CI10-115 FTA/Child Support
Stands,Jewel Anna 12-27-86 W/F CR15-161 FTA/Criminal mischief
Staverman,William Joseph 9-5-60 W/M CI10-7148 Child Support
Stevens,Matthew 1-20-89 W/M CR13-93 FTA/NPF
Stevenson,Clifton Earl Sr 8-15-62 W/M CR11-668 FTA/Open Container 
Stevenson,Keithrick Darrel 9-10-90 B/M CR13-955 FTA/for citation
Stinn,Dale Eugene 4-18-57 W/M CR11-619 FTA/Follow too close
Stinn,Dale Eugene 4-18-57 W/M CR11-868 FTA/No operators license

Stockmaik, Timothy




FTA/ citation hearing

Straub,Ethan Michael 2-26-93 W/M cr17-1167 Theft
Straub,Ethan Michael 2-26-93 W/M CR15-66 Non Pay
Straub,Ethan Michael 2-26-93 W/M CR15-67 Non pay
Swanson,Joshua William 8-10-74 W/M CR14-1193 FTA/Assault

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