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Criminal Warrants

The persons listed in these sections are wanted on outstanding Platte County Sheriff's arrest warrants.

If you have information regarding any wanted person, please contact the Platte County Sheriff's Office Fugitive Warrant Division, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, at 402-564-3229 or 911 after the Warrant Division hours.

If you are wanted on an outstanding warrant and wish to turn yourself in, please contact the Platte County Sheriff at 402-564-3229.

Information may also be forwarded by email to

This list is for informational purposes only. Citizens should not attempt to physically apprehend any individual.

Contact law enforcement with information including:

  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • vehicle description including license number if possible

The warrants must be confirmed for validity by authorized law enforcement personnel and should not be acted upon based only on the website listing.

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Maeda-Bernal, Samuel 6-6-86 W/M CR12-811 FTA/ No ops

Magana, Carlos




FTA/ Sexual assault

Magana, Carlos 




FTA for sentencing

Maneely,Alexis Marie 11-3-97 W/F TR16-700 NPF/misuse learners permit
Maneely,Alexis Marie 11-3-97 W/F CR16-678 FTA/no proof ins
Marin,Atlacati William 9-16-96 W/M CR16-221 FTA/DUS
Marin,Atlacati William 9-16-96 W/M CR16-567 FTA/DUI,DUS,MIP Resist Arrest
Marino, Yobani Adame 7-16-83 W/M CR07-139 Non Pay/Attmept Del. contrl subs
Marino Marino,Yovani 2-18-93 W/M CR16-788 Domestic Assault
Martinez,Anthony D 1-10-83 W/M CR07-64 FTP/DUI
Martinez,Anthony D 1-10-83 W/M CR07-83 FTP/DUI
Martinez, Stephen 4-6-66 W/M CI07-188 Child Support
Massallo,Eric 11-10-74 W/M CI15-519 Child Support
May,Connie Jo 11-11-74 W/F CR13-24 Nonpay Issue Bad check
McKiernan,Labrina 6-16-95 B/F CR17-357 Forgery
McManigal,Jessica Morgan 7-17-83 W/F CR11-936 FTA/No ops
McMichael,Yakim S 7-5-78 W/M CI1380 Child Support
Meja-Lemus,Maynor J 11-13-97 W/M CR15-364 FTA/DUI
Mejia-Tevalan,Wagner Jonathan 3-12-94 W/M CR14-898 FTA/DUI, No ops, MIP, open container
Mena-Belloso,Juan V 10-30-73 W/M CR12-61 FTA/Criminal impersonation
Mendez-Gutierrez,Jaime 9-20-83 W/M CR16-818 FTA/No ops
Mendoza,Bolivar V 10-29-90 W/M C414-223 FTA/DUS, No ops
Miguel,Jose 1-15-86 W/M CR17-60 FTA/No ops
Millan,Adalid 5-9-87 W/M CR12-31 FTA/No ops wrong way one way
Miller,Korey 6-15-80 W/M CR06-83 FTA/Non pay bad check
Miller,Korey 6-15-80 W/M CR06-75 FTA/Non pay theft
Miller,William 4-3-90 W/M CR15-632 FTA/Domestic Assault
Milozzo,Anthony Glen 1-30-88 w/m CR13-1375 FTA/Theft
Miranda,John 2-9-72 W/M CR11-1347 FTA/Bad Checks x2
Miranda,John 2-9-72 W/M CR11-775 FTA/Bad Checks x2
Misner,Ashley 12-24-84 W/F CR11-263 Child Support
Misner,Jon Allen 11-12-62 w/m CR12-16 child support
Moniz,Stacy A 9-5-76 I/F CR14-341 FTA no ops and disorderly conduct
Moniz,Stacy A 9-5-76 I/F CR14-549 FTA/theft by shoplifting
Montalvan-Estrada,Marcos 5-14-76 W/M CR15-660 FTA/No ops
Montes,Luis 11-26-88 W/M CR15-343 Identity Theft
Moon,Shannon Q 1-15-94 B/M CR13-1474 Non pay MIP
Moore,Stephanie 8-5-84 W/F CI10-580 FTA  Child Support Hearing

Mosley, Roy L




FTA/ bench warrant

Mullin,Logan Dawn 8-29-91 W/F CR15-913 FTA/Theft by shoplifting
Mullin,Logan Dawn 8-29-91 W/F CR16-405 Theft shoplifting
Munoz-Guerrero,Gabriel 2-14-95 W/M CR15-61 FTA/Sexual Assault on child
Munoz-Guerrero,Gabriel 2-14-95 W/M CR15-11 FTA/delibery control subst
Murua,Mark Anthony 2-23-97 W/M CR17-216 FTA/DUS
Ndayizeye,Bita 12-29-90 B/M CR12-1578 FTA/No ops
Nelson,John A 3-18-63 W/M CR11-876 Probation Violation for DUI
Nelson,Michael Dale 11-22-75 W/M CR13-139 Criminal non support/FTA
Nelson,Michael Dale 11-22-75 W/M CR13-140 Criminal non support/FTA

Nickolite, Jeffrey




FTA/2nd degree forgery

Nielsen,Jeremy 7-5-80 W/M CR16-50 Probation violation
Nielsen,Jeremy 7-5-80 W/M CI09316 Child Support
Nielsen,Jeremy 7-5-80 W/M CI07287C Child Support
Nielsen,Jeremy 7-5-80 W/M CI05197C Child Support
Noell,Matthew David 10-26-68 W/M CR10-127 FTA/Non pay for DUI
Noland,Jerry Webb 5-12-68 W/M CR14-588 NPF/DUS

Nunez, Trinidad




FTA/ non pay assault officer

Ohara,Julie Marie 1-13-55 W/F CR14-306 Bad Checks
Oosthuizen,Louis 3-21-80 W/M CR17-596 FTA/DUI
Ortega,Jose Elias 6-8-64 w/m CI14-55 FTA/Child Support
Ortiz, Edwin Rolando 5-22-74 W/M C910-534 Child Support
Ortiz, Edwin Rolando 5-22-74 W/M CR12-1616 FTA/Domestic Assault
Ortiz-Ambriz,Patricia 7-19-95 W/F CR17-543 FTA-Bad checks
Ortiz-Ambriz,Patricia 7-19-95 W/F CR17-331 Non pay
Ossorio Chao,Oscar Cesar 5-5-90 W/M CR12-1043 Issue Bad Check

Oviedo, Augustin




FTA/ DUI 4th

Ozuna,Lee 11-20-76 W/M  CR16-49 Unauthorized Use fin trans device
Pate,Brandon T 9-20-83 W/M CI12222 Child Support
Pearson,Christina 2-2-79 W/F CR16-278 FTA/Theft
Pearson,Christina 2-2-79 W/F CR16-414 FTA/Issue bad check
Pelan,John C 1-19-93 W/M CR11-1609 Theft
Pelen,John C 1-19-93 W/M CR12-1723 Stalking
Pena-Lopez, Santos O 4-27-77 W/M CR13-59 Non pay sex assault
Pena-Lopez,Santos O 4-27-77 W/M CR12-16 Non pay DUR

Perez, James




2nd degree assault

pEREZ,jOSEP 10-28-80 w/m cr17-461 FTA/DUS

Perez, Manuel C




Non pay/ left of center, no ops

Perez,Stephen A 6-27-70 W/M CR12-1309 3rd degree felony dom assault
Perez,Stephen Anthony 6-27-70 W/M CR12-331 FTA/Domestic Assault 3rd degree
Perez-DeLaRosa,Luis 12-31-96 W/M CR16-1063 att class 2 mis
Perron,Ryan Paul 2-29-76 W/M CR11-207 FTA-Bad Check
Phelps,Johnathan M 9-9-64 W/M cr13-541 Violate protection order
Pickard,Bo Don 2-22-91 W/M CR16-514 No Vendor Permit
Pineda,Jose C 9-26-84 W/M CR14-922 FTA-No ops and speeding
Pospisil,Joshua 7-8-72 W/M CI99-425 Child Support
Pruitt,Wayne D 2-21-71 W/M CR11-525 FTA/DUI

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