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Criminal Warrants

The persons listed in these sections are wanted on outstanding Platte County Sheriff's arrest warrants.

If you have information regarding any wanted person, please contact the Platte County Sheriff's Office Fugitive Warrant Division, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, at 402-564-3229 or 911 after the Warrant Division hours.

If you are wanted on an outstanding warrant and wish to turn yourself in, please contact the Platte County Sheriff at 402-564-3229.

Information may also be forwarded by email to

This list is for informational purposes only. Citizens should not attempt to physically apprehend any individual.

Contact law enforcement with information including:

  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • vehicle description including license number if possible

The warrants must be confirmed for validity by authorized law enforcement personnel and should not be acted upon based only on the website listing.

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Jacinto,Edward Esturdo 8-9-85 W/M CR09-46 Non pay sexual assault minor
Jacinto,Marlon A 4-5-74 W/M CR07-35 FTA/Delivering Controlled subst

Jeffries, Anthony




FTA/ att 1st degree assault

Jenks,Arron James 11-6-88 W/M CR13-151 FTP/sex assault child

Jibunor, Anagba B




Fail to appear sentence child support

Jimenez,Luis A 7-9-82 W/M CR151207 1st degree sex assault child
Johnson,Tiffany Kay 11-13-77 W/F CR15-530 FTA/Poss K2 or Marijuana
Jones,Dan L 12-10-58 W/M CR14-123 Terroristic Threats
Jones,Tiffany Shree 3-19-75 B/F CR18-199 FTA/DUS 
Juan,Pascual 5-17-87 W/M TR18-380 FTA/No registration

Kadlec, Frank D




Fail to pay child support

Kadlec, Frank D




Fail to pay child support

Kirkland,Matthew Jon 6-6-85 B/M CI06-511C Child Support Purge
Kirkland,Matthew Jon 6-6-85 B/M CI1379A Child Support Purge
Kleffner,Jesse Joe 8-20-93 W/M CR16-300 2 cts theft
Kleinschmit,Cori M 6-12-94 W/F CR14-741 Nonpayment MIP
Koch,Chad Christopher 12-7-63 W/M CR15-811 FTA/3rd degree assault
Kolterman,Christopher 3-26-84 W/M CI10-273 Child Support
Kolterman,Christopher 3-26-84 W/M CR10-68 FTA/Non pay attmpt burglary
Kotalik,Melissa 4-17-73 W/F CR18-454 Theft
Kuhn, Robert E 7-13-81 w/m CR01-14 Non pay theft
Lakin,Derreck J 9-10-92 W/M CR17-620 3 CTS Felony Drug Possession

Lara-Martinez, Hector J




FTA/ conspiracy to deliver cont subs, possess firearm, possess cont subs

Larson,Dakota L 5-31-91 W/M CR16-155 Issue no account check

Laughner, Thomas




FTA/ attempt theft-unlawful taking

Le,Hung H 2-13-75 A/M CR15-429 Burglary/theft
Lee,Twila 6-11-63 W/F CR15-936 NFP/DUI

LeCompte, Howard Jr




FTA/ DUI-3rd, DUR, & refusal

Linge,Tatiana Oline 4-6-81 W/F CR13-922  FTA Issue No account check
Logan,Michael S 1-4-68 W/M CR14-44 FTA/NPF
Lopez,Luis R 3-15-46 W/M CR14-47 Non pay criminal impersonation
Lopez,Santos 5-225-85 W/M CR15-512 FTA/No fishing permit
Lopez-Bautitsa,Pedro 5-10-77 W/M CR10-80 FTA/DUI
Lozano,Sarahi M 11-11-94 W/F CR18-794 FTA/no ops, fail to use seatbelts
Lueschen,Lindsay N 12-26-82 W/F CI11-509 Child Support

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