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Criminal Warrants

The persons listed in these sections are wanted on outstanding Platte County Sheriff's arrest warrants.

If you have information regarding any wanted person, please contact the Platte County Sheriff's Office Fugitive Warrant Division, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, at 402-564-3229 or 911 after the Warrant Division hours.

If you are wanted on an outstanding warrant and wish to turn yourself in, please contact the Platte County Sheriff at 402-564-3229.

Information may also be forwarded by email to

This list is for informational purposes only. Citizens should not attempt to physically apprehend any individual.

Contact law enforcement with information including:

  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • vehicle description including license number if possible

The warrants must be confirmed for validity by authorized law enforcement personnel and should not be acted upon based only on the website listing.

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Caballero,Ramon Jr 3-8-81 W/M CR16-41 NPF/Assault 2nd degree
Cadena,Steve 9-16-62 W/M CR13-1595 FTA/comply citation speed no ops
Calzado-McKenzie,Leony 6-17-86 W/M CR18-284 FTA DUS
Calzado-McKenzie,Leony 6-17-86 W/M CR18-73 FTA DUS
Campbell,Cory R 6-17-93 W/M CR15-902 FTA/Abandoned cruelly neglect animal
Campos,Miguel 9-29-73 W/M CR16-342 Identity theft
Campos-Romero,Manuel 12-25-64 W/M CR16-730 FTA/terroristic threats
Canchan,Carlos E 8-14-67 W/M CI04-219 Child Support
Carmona-Estrada,Edgar A 7-2-89 W/M CR13-845 Strangulation/Terroristic Threats
Carrera,Jorge 4-23-82 W/M CI08645 Child Support
Castorena,Erick Jesus 1-23-87 W/M CI06-672 Child support

Chaicoj, Luis




Non pay/ burglary

Chavira-Molina, Gonzalo




FTA/ child support

Chavira-Molina, Gonzalo




FTA/ child support

Christiansen,Craig 3-29-66 W/M CR11-565 Non pay bad check
Claw,Joseph Benjamin 9-23-92 W/M CR16-944 Unauthorization of graffiti
Clement,Dustin Kyle 11-13-86 W/M CR17-89 fta-attpt poss sch2 contr subs
Close,Corey Michael 3-31-92 W/M CR10-178 FTA/Operate MV to avoid arrest
Cobos,Artureo 4-19-84 W/M CR11-862 FTA/No ops,speeding
Collins,Ryelee Mathieu 3-22-96 W/M CR14-584 FTA/Possess drug paraphernalia
Colorado,Juan C 5-26-77 W/M CR15-77 NPF/attempt felony offenses
Constance,Trevor J 10-29-79 W/M CR18-413 FTA/ No proof insurance
Contreras-Monreal, Abraham 11-27-77 W/M CR09-43 FTA/DUI
Cook.William Lester 12-31-58 W/M CR09-15 NPF Terroristic Threats/assault
Cooper,Shanna M 8-28-84 W/F CI08-11 Child Support
Cordero Ramirez,Tanya B 12-31-92 W/F CR12-1330 FTA/Issue bad check
Councilman,Phillip A 3-27-78 W/M CR18-626 FTA/Distrub peace
Cousens,Eric Craig 8-31-92 W/M CI07574-C Child Support purge
Crane,Darius 8-27-92 B/M CR18-159 FTA/DUS
Cranick,Barbara A 11-23-73 W/F CR15-655 Issue Bad Check
Criswell,Warren L 5-6-99 W/M CR17-983 Non pay theft
Criswell,Warren L 5-6-99 W/M CR17-1172 Non pay reckless driving
Cronk,Zachary T 11-24-88 W/M CR16-1083 Burglary
Cronk, Zachary T 11-24-88 W/M CR16-330 FTA-att class 4 felony
Cruz, Juan Carlos 9-14-87 W/M CR18-520 Criminal non support
Cruz, Juan Carlos 9-14-87 W/M CR18-519 Criminal non support
Cruz-Villalobos,Jesus Giovanni 4-29-84 W/M CR14-1160 FTA/No ops
Cueto-Lastre,Yoanis 7-30-76 W/M CR18-72 npf/THEFT
Daniel, Ross A 7-3-84 W/M CR18-718 FTA/Issue Bad Check
Daniels,Tyrone 1-18-85 B/M CR14-1463 FTA
Daniels,Tyrone 1-18-85 B/M CR15-220 Violate harass pro ord
Davis,Michael Lee 9-18-84 W/M CR15-101 FTA/3rd degree assault
Davis,Richard David 5-15-69 W/M CR12-1464 Non pay DUW poss K2
Davis,Samuel E 6-29-83 W/M CR14-1069 FTA/DUI
Debusk,Dustin M 9-2-88 W/M CR10-32 FTA/theft unlawful taking
Debusk,Dustin M 9-2-88 W/M CR10-32 Non Pay Theft
Delgado-Rivas,Rafael Anderson 3-16-78 W/M CR14-1380 FTA/No ops
Dennis,Michael Brandon 3-14-83 W/M CR11-124 Nonpay terroristic threats
Diaz,Israel 4-1-65 W/M CR13-477 Bad checks
Diaz-Brito,Felix C 1-30-79 W/M CR13-263 Non pay attempt class 1 misd
Diaz-Garrido,Robinson 7-23-94 W/M CR15-847 FTA/No proof insurance
Diaz-Garrido,Robinson 7-23-94 W/M CR15-860 FTA No proof insurance

Dimas, Hector A




Fail to pay child support

Dixon,Mary 3-18-66 B/F CR16-852 Forgery
Drapeau,Jewelia Jeanette 5-17-80 I/F CR13-921 Issuing bad check
Dueling,Lisa M 10-12-95 W/F CR17-73 FTA/DUI
DurOn-Reina,Sergio D 12-7-96 W/M CR17-602 FTA/DUI
DurOn-Reina,Sergio D 12-7-96 W/M CR17-161269 FTA/DUI
Edwards,Antonio C 2-19-89 B/M CR15-83 FTA/attempt unauth use fin trans device
Enzminger,Sandra S 1-2-63 W/F CR13-382 Issue Bad check
Epps,Jamone Ikee 6-5-79 B/M CR13-1592 FTA/Domestic Assault
Epps,Jamone 6-5-79 B/M CI05-111 Contempt of court
Escobar-Chavez,Noe David 11-20-91 W/M CR17-1075 FTA
Escobar-Perez,Rudy E 2-28-92 W/M CR18-403 FTA/DUS
Escobar-Perez,Rudy E 2-28-92 W/M CR18-1149 FTA/DUI
Escobar-Perez,Rudy E 2-28-92 W/M CR18-106 FTA/ 2 cts domestic assault
Eslinger,Ralph William 5-25-81 W/M CR13-1002 FTA/Issue bad check
Falsone,Joshua P 7-30-92 W/M CR18-700 FTA/Possession

Farabee, William D




FTA/ probation violation

Fithian,Zachery  8-1-89 W/M CR16-994 Bad Checks
Fletcher,Carlos Ramno 12-15-75 W/M CR18-803 Violate PO
Fletcher,Carlos Ramno 12-15-75 W/M CR18-759 Violate Protection Order
Fletcher,Carlos Ramno 12-15-75 W/M CR18-686 FTA/Criminal mischief

Flores, Jennifer




FTA/ criminal trespass

Ford,Katrina M 2-20-90 W/F CR18-625 FTA/unlawful acts drugs
Fox,Chad 4-6-74 W/M CI12-985 FTA/Debtors exam
Franklin,Justyn D 3-20-89 W/M CR17-673 FTA/Domestic Assault
Franklin,Maria Guadalupe 12-12-85 W/F CR16-185 Probation Violation

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