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Criminal Warrants

The persons listed in these sections are wanted on outstanding Platte County Sheriff's arrest warrants.

If you have information regarding any wanted person, please contact the Platte County Sheriff's Office Fugitive Warrant Division, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, at 402-564-3229 or 911 after the Warrant Division hours.

If you are wanted on an outstanding warrant and wish to turn yourself in, please contact the Platte County Sheriff at 402-564-3229.

Information may also be forwarded by email to pcsher@megavision.com

This list is for informational purposes only. Citizens should not attempt to physically apprehend any individual.

Contact law enforcement with information including:

  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • vehicle description including license number if possible

The warrants must be confirmed for validity by authorized law enforcement personnel and should not be acted upon based only on the website listing.

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Abdalla,Mustafa  9-6-94 W/M CR16-736 FTA-Trespassing & FTA
Abdalla,Mustafa Amir 9-6-94 B/M CR16-802 FTA-FTA trespassing
Abrajan,Juan Pablo 7-5-77 W/M CI07-8213 FTA/Contempt hearing
Abrigo,Rosario 5-18-81 W/M CR14-92 FTA/Assault

Acevedo, Steven J




FTA/ or pay on possess controlled substance

Acosta-Loya,Octavio  10-23-86 W/M CI16-237 Child Support
Acosta-Loya,Octavio  10-23-86 W/M CI16-567 Child Support
Adams,Andrew R 9-20-85 W/M CR08-70 Non pay possess firearm by felon

Adams, Traci K




Non pay bad checks

Altamirano-Gopar,Juan 12-17-83 W/M CR13-647 FTA/while on bond
Amaya,Jose A 7-22-76 W/M CR13-10 Non pay--incest
Anderson, Deloris Jean 7-9-42 W/F CR12-1225 Issue No Account Check
Anderson,Jeremy C 5-5-91 W/M CR16-809 Bad Checks
Anderson,Lynsay Leihanne 12-9-86 W/F CR16-348 Issue no acct check
Andrade-Franco,Serafin 2-22-91 W/M CR14-781 Non pay DUS

Arevalo, Byron




3rd degree sexual assault of child

Argenbright,Aaron 12-27-80 W/M CR12-80 FTA/NPF Criminal Mischief
Arnone,Michael Roberts 5-25-88 W/M CR14-505 Assault 3rd Degree
Arriaza,Hugo 7-23-59 W/M CR15-222 FTA/ No ops

Arriaza-Campos, Hugo E




DUI causing serious injury

Arvizo,Jesus A 12-24-83 W/M CR11-1150 FTA/Assault by mutual consent
Ash,Leanne Sue 11-10-65 W/F CR13-980 Criminal poss forged instrument
Ash,Raymond James 10-31-79 W/M CR15-894 FTA/Domestic Assault
Avelenda-Leon,Byron 3-4-97 W/M CR15-477 FTA Unlawful acts
Bacon,Robert Allen 12-16-82 W/M CR16-925 Forgery 2nd degree
Baker,Dylan k 5-28-98 w/m cr170742 FTA-MIP
Ballew,Allen Kenneth 8-21-71 W/M cr13-1652 FTA/No ops
Baltazar,Edilberto T 1-14-68 W/M CR15-618 FTA/DUI & DUR
Bamburg,Curtis J 1-15-58 W/M CR11-944 FTA/Criminal Trespass 2nd degree
Barhorst,Laura Lynne 4-22-73 W/F CR12-1791 FTA/False Reporting
Bartholomew,Adam J 9-25-83 W/M CR12-50 FTA/Unauthorized Use financial trans device
Battershell,Steven W 1-26-75 W/M CI10-100A Child Support
Batz-Lopez,Nasario 2-1-86 W/M CR14-553 DUI
Bautista,Luis 7-28-88 W/M CR06-145 FTA/Non pay attempt robbery

Beaudion, Michael Jr




FTA/ terroristic threats

Benitez,Oscar 10-18-86 w/m CR15-43 NPF/traffic offenses
Bethea,Quincy 5-24-91 W/M CR11-1220 FTA/MIP
Birrittier,Josh N 6-13-79 W/M CR15-245 Violation probation
Bomberger,Adam M 12-23-81 W/M CR17-636 NPF/Poss Marijuana
Bonilla-Perez,Letisia 8-29-91 W/F CR13-1318 Non pay Shoplifting
Bousum,Chad Aaron 2-25-75 W/M CR14-236 Issue no account check
Boss,Jack Lee 5-7-56 W/M CI96-90005 Purge Child Support
Brewster,Cecil L 3-17-48 W/M CR12-1131 FTA/No operators license
Brown,Joshua D 2-18-82 W/M CR15-141 Non pay DUR

Brumfield, Michael




Child support

Bryant,Douglas W 9-6-60 W/M CR11-943 FTA/Criminal Trespass 2nd degree
Bunn,Cire Jente 5-4-93 B/M CR12-1350 FTA/Criminal Mischief
Byrd,Roy L 10-17-65 W/M CR15-4 FTA Assault officer

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