Platte County Sheriff's Office

Road Patrol

The Patrol Division of the Platte County Sheriff’s Office is housed in the Hall of Justice Building located at 2610 14th Street, Columbus, Nebraska. There are currently 16 full time patrol deputies in the Patrol Division . All deputies are fully certified with jurisdictional powers within Platte County inclusive of the City of Columbus. Inter-local agreements with other law enforcement agencies within Platte County are presently in existence. Other agencies with jurisdiction of all or a part of Platte County include the Nebraska State Patrol, Columbus Police Department, Humphrey Police Department and Nebraska Game and Parks Division.

Platte County encompasses both urban and rural settings. Columbus the largest urban area, has a population of approximately 16,000 people. There are a number of smaller communities within Platte County which include Duncan, Monroe, Platte Center, Tarnov, Humphrey, Creston, St. Bernard, Cornlea and Lindsay. Platte County’s total population is approximately 32,000 people, living in an area of approximately 686 square miles. Platte County is home to a number of major industries which include Behlen Manufacturing, Camaco, Becton-Dickenson, Dale Electronics, and Appleton Electric to name a few. These industries not only offer job opportunities to local workers, but also pull in a number of workers from surrounding counties.


Deputies of the Patrol Division have the opportunity to expand their relationship with county citizens by participating in the various programs About Us that are offered by the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office also takes advantage of deputies’ special interests and training by having specialized investigators in accident investigation, crime scene investigation, child interviews, Court Room security, et cetera.


Deputies work a 40 hour work week, with 8 hour shifts. Some of their duties include: County patrol, investigations, serving of civil process and arrest warrants, traffic enforcement, court room security, monitoring walk through metal detector in courthouse, DARE and prisoner transports.

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office utilizes a variety of vehicles, 16 total in its law enforcement activities. All Platte County Sheriff’s Office patrol Units are white, with brown and gold graphics identifying them as belonging to Platte County. All patrol units are equipped with modern multi-directional, overhead emergency light systems. About half of the patrol units are also equipped with in-car video camera systems. All vehicles are equipped with radio communication equipment including, low band radio for dispatch communications, 16-channel scanners, and CB radios to monitor requests for road assistance, mobile radar units, and in-car video cameras.

Several four-wheel drive vehicles are used by patrol deputies. These include both Ford Explorers and Dodge Durango. The four-wheel drive vehicles are needed due to the type of inclement weather experienced in Nebraska, but they are used year around. These vehicle are equipped with the same equipment as all other patrol units. All patrol units carry such as: traffic cones, accident investigation equipment, evidence gathering equipment, fire extinguisher, Stop Sticks, and first aid equipment, and shotguns and rifles in some units.

The majority of patrol units are the Chevy Impala's , the Sheriff’s Office also utilizes three Dodge Intrepid and  one Dodge Charger , two which are marked patrol unit and one being an un-marked vehicle. Other unmarked vehicles are used by Investigations and for Corrections Division transportation of inmates. These vehicles include a Ford Taurus, Ford Crown Victoria, and Dodge Caravan. Transport vehicles are equipped with transport cages that separate transport deputies from prisoners in transit.


As guide lined in Nebraska Statutes, the official uniform of a Platte County deputy consists of a dark brown shirt, pink-tan trousers with dark brown stripe and black leather duty belt, holster and accessories. Silver badges and name plates are worn by deputies; gold badge, name plates, and collar insignias are worn by persons with the rank of sergeant and above.


Platte County Sheriff's Office
2610 14th Street
Columbus, NE 68601