Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Services, Inc. provides secure, safe custody and promotes the health and well being of juveniles committed for care and confinement at the Center. 

NNJS, Incwill create a positive environment that fosters the social intellectual and physical development of its residents. 

NNJS, Inc. endorses the basic concept of promoting adolescent development and addressing the needs of human dignity in an environment that encourages positive growth and self improvement.  

NNJS, Inc. will reach our goals by providing a positive, safe and productive environment through training and selection of mature, dedicated and professional staff.

NNJS, Inc. will establish a working relationship with the public by providing open lines of communication to seek its help and support.

NNJS, Inc. consists of two separate classifications: Secure and Staff Secure. Staff Secure will be for status offenders, social service cases, and those with lesser offences.

NNJS, Inc. was incorporated in 1992 as a non-profit (501(c)(3) business to operate as a juvenile detention center.

Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Services, Inc. was established for the benefit of the counties of Northeast Nebraska. Presently, there is an inter-local agreement with thirteen Nebraska counties, whom each have an appointed member on the "Board of Directors." Also on the board, are two Nebraska Sheriffs, who are members of the Nebraska Sheriff's Association. NNJS, Inc. is funded by an assessment along with a room and board cost.

Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Services, Inc.
1313 North Main  *  P.O. Box 50  *  Madison, NE   68748
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