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Oct 22 2009, Shelly Myers, Seminole, Ok, Class: 1982,

Looking at the website today stirred so many memories. Jack and Mary Myers have been gone now for ten years (my mom) and twelve years (dad).  I work as a landman for several major exploration companies.  My kids are Garrett, Stevie and Jordan. Garrett lives in Arizona and works as a computer blueprint drafter, Stevie lives in Oklahoma and is the mother of two beautiful little girls. And Jordan lives in Colorado and has a daughter as well.  Hello to everyone. God Bless!!! Love Shelly

Oct 22 2009, Larry Smith, Detroit, MI, 1955,

Hi gang.

CLASS of 1975

The class of 1975 is planning a 35th reunion for summer of 2010.  We are looking for current addresses and e-mail addresses for most of our classmates.  We’re looking at the end of June and would like to get a note out there to see if there is any interest.  Please contact me if you are interested so that we can communicate as the plans unfold.

Nyla J. Bailey
Political Science/Synergy
University of Wyoming

Jul 25 2009, Dena (Hinrichs) Hill, Britton, MI, Class: 1984,

Well 25 years have gone by, wish I could be in Kimball for the reunion. My sons are playing a baseball tournament that week so see if they go to the Connie Mack world series. Hope you all have fun and remember the old times.

Jul 21 2009, Ernie Westby, Huntsville, TX, Class: 1981,

Hello from Bagdad Iraq! Yes, I am back in the sandbox again. This makes my 4th assignment to Iraq as a civilian sub-contractor to the US Army. Maybe one of these days I will be able to work my vacation schedule around the class reunion. Sadly to say, it won't be this year again.

I would like to say hello to all my classmates and friends!

Have fun, stay happy and keep smiling!

Ernie Westby Ph.D. URS/EGG/LSI Bagdad Iraq

Jul 06 2009, Steven Fritzler, Cape Girardeau, MO, Class: 1967,

It sure would have been nice to attend the 2009 reunion, but my son's wedding is next week in my backyard. I want things as nice as possible and needed to stay home and work. Since the 1997 reunion I attended as a widower, I have remarried and continued my career as a self-employed financial planner. I'm looking forward to retiring soon, but it seems like I'm just working part-time now anyway!

Looking forward to hearing from many of you soon. Besides email, Facebook is great!

Jul 04 2009, Stephanie Bowron, Kimball, NE Class: 1999,


Jul 03 2009, Linda (Grubb) Thomson, Portland, OR, Class: 1965,

Can't make it to the reunion this year. Seems odd not to have Mom (Helen Grubb) still in Kimball. She's been out here in Portland since 2000, and though she's had some ups and downs, at 97 she is one of two surviving/thriving members of the class of 1930! I don't see anyone from the class of 1965 in the guest book, but I'd love to hear from any of you! Hope the reunion is a smashing success!

Jul 02 2009, Nyla (Robinson) Bailey, Class of 1975,

It's been 34 years do hope to see some of you this weekend at the Reunion. If anyone knows of a gathering spot please drop me a note - looking forward to a fun weekend.

Nyla Robinson Bailey

Jul 02 2009, Lynda (Waldron) Brown, Santa Maria, CA, Class: 1967,

Hello Kimball I'm sorry to say I won't be able to attend this year but my mothers health wont allow.  Have a great time and enjoy everyone for me too.

Jul 01 2009, Jim Eastman, Longmont, CO Class: 1967,

I am looking forward to a rockin' weekend over July 4th and the All Class Reunion!

Jun 27, 2009, Anna (Hendricks) Perry, Class: 1967,

Would enjoy catching up with old classmates and friends either through Facebook, e-mail, snail mail, or phone!

The enclosed picture is of a friend and her grandson, my two granddaughters and me (squatted).  We took the children on an adventure of downtown Houston, first riding the metro bus to downtown Houston, switching to the metro train, then walking in the underground tunnel back to the bus stop to return home.

Besides volunteering at the County Extension office as a part of the Master Gardener program, I volunteer at Brodie’s elementary school.  My current goal is to organize a team of parents and ExxonMobil volunteers to build a butterfly garden for the school, which combines my passion for gardening and love of the students.

One of my other goals in retirement was to learn to quilt.  I have been taking classes and completed my first quilt this spring.  If any of you are quilters and make it to Houston for the International Quilt Show, please get in touch with me.


For a full update click here: Anna Update

Jun 26 2009, Jonathan df, Class: 1963,

very nice site!

Jun 20 2009, Linda Rutz, Lincoln, NE, Class: 1967,

Looking forward to seeing old friends from KCHS--classes of 1966-67 and Tom's class 1963 and 1962!


Jun 19 2009, Anna Hendricks Perry, Houston, TX, Class: 1967,

Sadly, I will not be able to attend the All Class Reunion, maybe the next one :)

Would enjoy catching up with classmates, either by e-mail, Facebook, or if you are ever in Houston, TX. I retired from ExxonMobil in 2006, which has afforded me time to build precious moments with two beautiful granddaughters, become a Master Gardener and learn to quilt.

Gordie, I seem to remember you telling me about the parking meter ??

Jun 16 2009, Elaine McLaughlin, Oklahoma City, OK, Class: 1967,

I will not be able to attend the reunion next month. Does anyone have a phone number or email address for Lynda Frohm Petersen?

Jun 15 2009, Sidney Newport Grand Island, NE, Class: 1967,

Hoping it will be a grand event, and weather will cooperate.

Jun 05 2009, Michael Weyz, Los Angeles CA, Class: 2000,

Ahhh the memories

Jun 01 2009, Pam (Neusbaum) Heim, Kimball, Ne, Class: 1974,

Here's to the class of '74. Can you believe it? 35yrs!! Look forward to seeing you at the all class reunion. And yes I'm still in Kimball.

May 30 2009, Angela Dirickson, Brier WA, Class: 1973

Hi to all KCHS alumni! I'm looking forward to attending the 2009 reunion along with my sister Kathy. See you all soon.

Angela Dirickson (Begley)
Class of 1973

May 23 2009, Tache Frigeri, Londrina Pr, Class: 1974,

I spent a year in KHS as a foreign exchange student (from Brazil) and I really enjoyed it.  I won't be able to attend the Reunion but I'd like to be in touch with many old friends and the Robinson's family.

Tache Frigeri

May 16 2009, Bob Pinkerton, Anthem AZ, Class: 1950,

Looking forward to the all-class reunion. Today my wife Carol and I had lunch with Robin Bentley and her daughter. They were visiting our daughter, Sherry Pinkerton Blanche, who also lives in Anthem AZ. Robin lives in Gilbert, AZ. Robin is a KHS grad.

May 10, 2009 - Doug Potter, California, Class: 1966,

My wife and I had some months ago arranged to attend the Shakespeare festival in Cedar City, Utah.  As it turns out we will be there over the July 4th week.  I was looking forward to seeing everyone in Kimball, but it won’t be this time—give my regards to anyone we both may know.

Until the next time then.

Apr 29 2009 - Judy Bradt Snyder, Lexington, NC, Class: 1961,

Won't be able to attend the Reunion this year, but have recently been in touch with many old friends and former classmates. It's great to hear from everyone and almost impossible to accept the number of years (not to mention decades) that have gone by since we were together as a Class. I treasure those years, the friends, the teachers, the education, and the life lessons we learned. Would love to hear from all of you.

Judy (Bradt) Snyder

Apr 20 2009 - John McCarty, Class: 1963,

I never thought I'd live this long or I would have raised me a little better.

Apr 19 2009 - Leese Ann Otto, Denver, CO, Class: 1974,

Hi y'all. I'll try to be there.

Apr 02 2009 - Sue Wilkinson, Lincoln NE, Class: 1972,

Looking for Paul Hansen; would have graduated 1972, 1973 or 1971 from Kimball. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Mar 16 2009 - Marilyn (Heidemann) Bachle, Alexandria, NE, Class: 1969,

Hello out there! Is anyone from the Class of 1969 planning on getting together for this year's reunion? It has been a very long time since I attended, and I would love to see some of my classmates. Let me know. Of course, I would also like to see relatives and friends!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Class of 1969

Feb 12 2009 Darrel Hall, Independence, IA - Class: 1979,

Any 1979 graduates planning on attending the reunion this year?


Go to the NEWS PAGE for reunion updates and announcements.


Feb 03 2009  Anna (Robles) Milella, BARI ITALY, Class: 1961, email:

So sorry, but we will not be able this year's All Class Reunion. All my financial efforts tend to be attending the class reunion in 2011, the cinquantennial of the class with Class. However in a fortnight I will have a small reunion in Rome with just one member of the class of 61 and his daughter.

All my best to all!

Jan 25 2009  Don Riggins, Syracuse, NE  Class: 1980

even though I didn't graduate from Kimball I still have some good memories of going to school there. glad to hear of the all class reunion.

Jan 21 2009  Dale Hoke,  Parker, CO  Class: 1965

Looking forward to all class reunion. I've not seen most of you in many years.

1/12/2009  Susan O'Neal,

I assume the reunion is over the 4th of July, right?  I am always in the Fourth of July parade in Aspen with my Model A Ford, so I can't ever attend a reunion over the 4th.  Have a grand time and All best wishes to my fellow classmates

In the event you're compiling information on past Kimballites, here's something about my humanitarian work written by Rotary International which might be of interest to some who know me.  ROTARY ARTICLE

I'm happy to provide a photo for you to use of Katrina and me.  Thanks.

Susan O'neal

Susan O'Neal
KCHS - 1963

Amusing footnote---my classmates of 1963 voted me the person most likely to be the FIRST in our class to marry.  It hasn't happened yet----just shows you how much they know!

1/12/2009  Gordon Hansen,

Sadly, I won't be able to attend this All Class Reunion as my wife Carolyn and I will be chaperoning our 16 year old son's high school band. They were invited to be the HS Band to represent Illinois in the Washington DC 4th of July Parade. His band (and well as Carolyn and I as 2 of 25 chaperones)  just got back from playing at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis over New Year's.

At least I made it to the last All Class Reunion and was able to play (if you want to call it that) in the KCHS Alumni Band for Harry one more time. I took my son Eric out of school when Harry died. I wanted him to get an idea of what MY Band experience was like in Kimball. Unfortunately, he got to be around some of my old high school buddies. Talk about LIARS!  I NEVER went drag racing and I NEVER dated a Kimball girl and a Harrisburg girl at the same time and I NEVER stole a parking meter and we never had a '52 Plymouth that we went rabbit hunting with till 4AM……...well, maybe there was a tiny bit of truth in what they said :)

For those of you that are wondering, I also have a 38 year old son. He has 16 years in the Army as an interrogator /translator and he's leaving on Thursday for his 2nd tour of Iraq.

While I could decipher some of your email address' (if you had some of your name in it), there's a bunch that I couldn't figure out. Give me a shout if you like.

P.S. Anybody have Bonnie McNees' email address?


Gordon Hansen
KCHS '64

1/10/2009  Ewan Vickery

I am an Aussie who was an exchange student and graduated with Chuck in the class of 66. Although I have returned to visit Kimball many times including 2 class re-unions, I have yet to make it to one of the all school re-unions.

Please give my best wishes to Karen and Jim Robinson - I lived part of my exchange year with their relatives the late Ed and Betty Robinson, also with the Knutsen, Abramson, Coulter, Kinnison and Poundstone families.

I keep in regular contact with many former Kimball people, also John Thouvenin from France (John was an AFS student) who also graduated with the 66 class.

Best wishes for your plans,

Ewan Vickery
Minter Ellison

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