Megavision 2018

Megavision 2018


To qualify for the free home page service your page must be in good taste, advertise a lawful business, be consistent with the interests of Community Internet Systems, Inc.*, and conform to the following specifications:

  • There must be a link on the page to;

  • Graphics must be gif or jpg format;

  • The opening or "home" page must be named index.htm;

  • The following coding MUST be included in the opening index.htm code.  It may not be altered in anyway.

Click here to see an example

  • Your free homepage account name must be no more than 7 characters generally of your choice (i.e. samclub) Please indicate the name below!

  • The document must be in HTML coded to conform with these paths:


IMAGES: /images

  • The document must be in ASCII format on a 3 1/2" DOS disk;

  • The programmer's identity must be coded in the document source;

  • If you decided to list an e-mail account, it must be a valid Community Internet e-mail account;

  • You are responsible for maintaining a backup disk of the homepage code and files

  • You are encouraged to index your page on the world wide web by using a facility such as can be found at (your official URL will be;

Community Internet Systems offers an array of web related services for nominal fees.  Our objective is to grow the rural Nebraska Internet Infrastructure. The programmers we work with are dedicated to the same principals. Consequently, the Megavision webteam does not offer its services to those entities who choose not to support the Nebraska market when they seek domain names and advanced Internet services.  If you are a business ready to explore the marvels of         e-commerce, we invite you to contact us for the best deal on web services for you and your state.

* If you have chosen to host your domain with another provider (other than Community Internet / Megavision) the free website offer does not apply.  Redirects are also not permitted.

----------------PRINT OUT, CUT HERE AND RETURN TO -------------

Community Internet Systems
P.O. Box 159
Columbus, NE 68602-0159

Business Name: ________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________

Contact Person:_________________________________


Account Name: _________________________________

Programmer: ___________________________________

The above party agrees to abide by the terms hereof and hold Community Internet Systems, Inc. harmless in connection with the hosting of the homepage account. All submitted items become the Property of Community Internet Systems. Community Internet Systems is not a party to any business relationship between you and your programmer. Community Internet reserves the right to reject an account or terminate this program at will.

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