Ordering at Crackers to Caviar

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Ordering at Crackers to Caviar

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The Italian Dinner Basket $30    
The Sunday Supper Basket $22    
The Coffee Lover's Basket $25    
The Chocolate Lover's Basket $25    
The Tea for Two Basket $25    
The Sweet Sipper Mug $15    
The Large Nebraska Basket $60    
The Big Red Nebraska Basket $40    
The Little Red Nebraska Basket $25    
The Nebraska Breakfast in Bed Basket $25    
The Nebraska Snack Basket $22    
The Nebraska Mug $25    
The Nebraska Cup $15    
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Shipping & Handling Cost Chart

Pick-Up Orders No charge Orders up to $30 $10
Orders from $31 - $59 $12 Orders from $60 - $100 $15

Orders $101 & above

15% of order

All orders shipped USPS unless otherwise specified

Unpredictable situations may cause us to make substitutions of equal or greater value.

Prices subject to change.


Would you like to know more?  Please contact:

Crackers to Caviar

Janet Meays

2710 13th St., Columbus, NE 68601

(402) 564-4768  ctoc@megavision.com


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