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Static-progressive, S/P Duputryen's release

Custom Splinting

(Left: Static-progressive splint allows patient to adjust tension to tolerance level. Increases range of motion of involved digit.)

Our splints are fabricated on-site and ready for use the same day of initial visit.

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Columbus Physical Therapy is the only clinic in town to provide such comprehensive splinting.

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Custom splinting is an important part of rehabilitation for upper extremity conditions. It it used effectively for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis or Golfer's Elbow, deQuervain's, Tendon Lacerations, Arthritis, Contractures, and various conditions related to Spasticity or Flaccidity.


The art of Custom Splinting has changed dramatically over the past several years. With improved qualities of thermoplastic material and splinting accessories, along with increased knowledge of biomechanics and theory, wrist and hand splinting has become an effective and important part of therapeutic treatment for upper extremity disorders.


New thermoplastic materials are very versatile and offer a wide range of properties in the areas of rigidity, drapability and memory. They can be molded to perfectly fit each individual, regardless of his or her anatomical structure or disorder. Because of this customized fit, they are relatively comfortable and lead to higher rates of compliance with regard to wearing schedules. Custom splints offer a much better fit than prefabricated splints or braces. Prefabricated splints and braces can fit loose and often lead to skin irritation.


Custom splints are made from flat pieces of thermoplastic material. Depending on the desired splint, specific patterns are cut from these flat pieces. Once the pattern is cutout, it is then heated in water (~165 degrees F) for 2-3 minutes. While the material is still soft and pliable, it is formed to the patient's extremity. After it cools it becomes rigid, maintaining the desired shape. If needed, small adjustments can be made through the use of a heat gun. Self adhesive Velcro hooks are then applied to the appropriate areas of the splint with Velcro loop strapping used to hold the splint on the patient's hand, wrist, or elbow. Below are a few pictures of various splints that have been fabricated by the Occupational Therapist here at Columbus Physical Therapy.


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Dynamic extension splint after tendon laceration

Left: This patient suffered an injury to the extensor tendons just distal to his wrist. This splint allows the patient to have passive extension while at the same time being able to achieve active flexion. The fact that the patient is allowed to move in these patterns increases the amount of movement that will return while at the same time reducing the risk of tendon adhesions. (Not visible in picture are rubber bands that offer the movement of passive extension. The use of splints such as this are common in the treatment of tendon lacerations.)

Right: The hand shown in this picture is the same as in the above photo. After the extensor tendons are strong enough to withstand mild stress, the splint is modified to offer continuous passive flexion. This will result in lengthening of the extensor tendons, thus increasing the patient's range of motion. Mild stretching for extended periods of time is more effective than intense stretching for shorter periods of time.

corrective splint

wrist splint

Left: Pictured here is a simple wrist cock-up splint. This splint is designed to immobilize the wrist, keeping it in the neutral position. It is very effective in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis, and tennis elbow.
If you have a condition in which you feel a custom splint may help you, please contact our office for a consultation. Our phone number is: 564-5456. Or e-mail us by clicking here. We will respond promptly.

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