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Who can be a Little Pal?

Little Pals are school age children from the Columbus school systems, between the ages of 6 and 16, being raised by a single parent. The individual needs of each child are considered. If you would like more information about becoming a Little Pal, please read our Little Pal Manual.

Big Pals Do Not Replace a Parent 

Big Pals are not meant to replace a parent or parental authority.  A Big Pal does not compete with a child for a parent’s attention and is not to be a disciplinarian for the child.  A Big Pal’s main role is to spend time with the child doing positive activities that help the Little Pal become more self-confident. The parent is the disciplinarian.  A mentor is a friend rather than an authority figure.  By forming a friendship with a child, a mentor becomes part of the team of caring adults who support the healthy development of your child.

Give Your Child The Gift of Friendship

There’s always room for another friend in your child’s life.  One of the most important things a Big Pal can do is act as another good listener for their Little Pal.  The Big Pal provides support for their Little Pal, whether it’s to help with homework, self-esteem, or learning new hobbies.  The Big Pal gives the child someone else to talk to which can make a big difference in their life!

Make The Call Today!

With one phone call, you can speak to a qualified employee who can provide you with more information and answer your questions.  Since we are a United Way Agency, there is not cost to you and your family to become involved in the program.  We emphasize a quality relationship, not a relationship built on money.  The most important part of the mentoring program is the relationship between the Big and Little Pal, not numerous costly activities.

Call today to receive a Little Pal application form for your child and to set up an appointment to talk with the Big Pals~Little Pals Director about the program.  Or, you can download the three pages of the application form on the bottom of this page and send it to our office at 3020 18 Street #10 in Columbus.

Here's what a few of our Little Pals and their parents have to say about their experiences:

"My Big Pal is really special to me and cares about me.  When kids tease me at school, she tells me they are just jealous of me and to ignore them.  I care a lot about my Big Pal.  She is a special person for giving her time and dedication to me."

"My Big Pal has always provided me with an ear to listen to whatever I have to talk about.  She has given lots of good advice and also is someone to bounce ideas off of.  Most of all she has helped me grow up."

"My Big Pal’s advice has kept me out of trouble.  She has always been there for me.  She has inspired me to be a better person.   Hopefully, someday I will be half as a good Big Pal as she is to me."

"The changes in my son this past year have been remarkable since being involved in Big Pals~Little Pals.  He has improved his grades at school, has not gotten into trouble at school, and has been much happier in his life."

"My Big Pal has helped me through a hard time in my life.  She has been very supportive to me."

"My Big Pal has made an impact in my life and when I need her she’s always there for me."

"She puts her whole heart into being my Big Pal.  She honestly and sincerely cares and I can feel that.  I appreciate what she has done for me.  She is the best Big Pal ever!" 

"What I like most about being a Little Pal is that I can get away and talk to a friend.  My Big Pal is easy to talk to.  Whenever I’m down, she cheers me up.  Her entire family is nice to me!"

"I am glad that she is my Big Pal.  She is such a good person and has helped me a lot.  I can talk to her and she helps me with my problems and gives me advice.  I appreciate all the time she spends with me.  If I wouldn’t have her, I think I would be lost.  She has helped me with my homework and my grades have been growing up in school.  Also, due to her help I was just awarded the “Student of the Month” at school."

Download your Little Pal application and paperwork. Print, fill out, and mail or bring them into our office.

Big Pals ~ Little Pals
3020 18th St. #10
Columbus, NE 68601

We are located in the Columbus Family Resource Center which is the former Columbus Community Hospital

Call us at 402-563-1081 or email if you have any questions.





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Thinking of being a Big Pal? We have a long waiting list of Little Pals waiting for you to make a difference in their lives!