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What is Big Pals~Little Pals?

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Big Pals~Little Pals was created in Columbus in 1972.  We are a mentoring organization that recruits men and women volunteers and matches them with boys and girls from single parent homes in an effort to provide these youngsters with an adult friend, role model, and mentor.  Our volunteers are called Big Pals and the children they are matched with are called Little Pals.

A Big Pal is a positive role model and mentor who provides emotional support, guidance, friendship, and understanding to a child.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a one-on-one relationship between a caring adult and a youth who could benefit from additional support.  All children need the support of caring adults in order to be successful.  Growing up isn’t easy, and there are many roadblocks along the way that can cause difficulties for children.  Having a variety of people positively involved in a child’s life provides them with new opportunities and experiences.

What does a Big and Little Pal do?

Big Pals spend a couple hours a week with their Little Pal.  They can do anything together that they both enjoy such as fishing, crafts, sporting activities, baking, or sharing hobbies.  They might also learn new activities together.  The most important thing a Big Pal can do for a child is to be a role model and mentor by offering attention, support, and encouragement.

What are the Benefits of the Big Pals~Little Pals relationship?

Besides sharing in a lot of fun, Big and Little Pals benefit from enjoying each other’s companionship.  Volunteering to be a Big Pal can be fun and rewarding. A relationshi8p is a two-way street.  A few hours can change the life of both the Big and Little Pal!

What Will Your Child Gain From Having a Big Pal?

A Study done has shown that children with a mentor offer many benefits, such as:

*Improved self esteem

*Keeping young people in school

*Helping improve academic skills

*Steering clear of using alcohol or illegal drugs

*Getting along better with parents and peers

*Showing gain in grade point average

Mission Statement:

The Big Pals~Little Pals Association of Greater Columbus’ mission is to provide a caring role model that promotes self improvement and builds positive values and relationships throughout the community.


Big Pals ~ Little Pals is a United Way agency


More Info

Thinking of being a Big Pal? We have a long waiting list of Little Pals waiting for you to make a difference in their lives!